Jeremy Zucker’s ‘love is not dying’ Album Review.

“So tell me I’m fucked / Or tell me I’m fine,” Jeremy Zucker asks for in the first song of his debut album love is not dying and, personally, this body of art has got me feeling both.

Jeremy Zucker has always been a mental health advocate. Back in 2018, he released all the kids are depressed to support those, struggling with their emotional well-being. It’s not the only time he’s explored the mental health topic and he continues to do so in his album.

For an album with the title love is not dying it’s quite ironic how a lot of songs are stories about heartbreak and the pain from falling in love. “You’re just a feeling I’d rather forget / So I pierce my skin and I buzz my hair,” Zucker sings in the last track from the album — oh, mexico.

Zucker’s a great storyteller, weaving suffering and love into relatable narratives. Most of the songs contain lyrics that aren’t groundbreaking, yet something so simple manages to hit close to home and leave a huge impact.

I’d say that the biggest standout songs from the album are not ur friend, somebody loves you and lakehouse. The former’s got an electric guitar solo, which was a huge surprise for me. Though if I were to pick my favourite, I’d most certainly choose oh, mexico for its overall excellence.

As a whole, love is not dying is a beautiful poem for love, healing and taking care of yourself. Though it might get bittersweet at times, it’s all wrapped up beautifully and doesn’t leave you unsatisfied.


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