Roxen: “Love doesn’t have an expiration date.”

Romanian singer Roxen first climbed to the top of her country’s music charts as a featured artist for Sickotoy’s track You Don’t Love Me back in 2019, peaking at number three on the national Airplay 100 chart.

Later that year she successfully reached the No. 1 spot with her debut single Ce-ți Cântă Dragostea (English: “What Your Love Sings”), which has already gained over 20 million views on YouTube.

That explains why people across Balkan countries and the rest of Europe got excited when the 20-year-old singer was announced to represent Romania at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. And let it be known, Roxen was excited just as much. “Eurovision is very important to me,” she tells me. “It is an occasion to represent my country, to be the voice of my country.”

Though Roxen was selected internally by the Romanian television broadcaster TVR, she still performed five different songs at the national selection and the power ballad Alcohol You was announced as the winning song.

“I have always cared too much about what others think of me, about what they tell me to do or not to,” Roxen admits. “This is when frustrations and complicated relationships appear.” Roxen then reveals that eliminating these things and being your true self is the message that Alcohol You portrays.

“Generally, we are on the run, we care too much about unimportant things in our lives, but in the end all we have is us. I like to discover myself and change what doesn’t work, so I can have a good relationship with my own self, learn how to accept and be proud of it.” — Roxen.

When asked whether songs about love are still relevant today, Roxen answers: “Of course, love doesn’t have an expiration date.” She then adds that we need love to stay happy as it makes us “complete” and all of us “resonate with love” one way or another. “I think they are and will always be relevant,” the singer continues. “Songs about love will never die.”

Although this year’s Eurovision was cancelled due to the ongoing crisis, Roxen was chosen to represent Romania again next year. She explains that she was jumping for joy after being told such news and wanted to “share this info with everyone.” She also mentions that she felt “eager” to start training for “this huge competition” again.

Escape is Roxen’s most recent single. Its music videointerestingly enoughwas released during quarantine and filmed at her home. “I was in my environment, doing crazy things, enjoying that moment and sharing it with everyone,” she explains. “This doesn’t mean that I don’t miss shooting a video in nature, or abroad, or in a professional studio.”

“If we are at home, isolated, this doesn’t mean that we have to stop our lives and our work,” Roxen then explains why she decided to release the video now instead of waiting until the lockdown’s over. “We don’t have to put a break to music.”


Roxen’s music has got quite a dark sound to it, often put into the deep house category. The singer herself has been compared to Billie Eilish or even Dua Lipa and although it’s an honour to her as she personally admires them both, Roxen admits: “I would love people to know me as being Roxen, know me for my music, my personality.”

On the other hand, Roxen tells me that some of her biggest music inspirations are Jorja Smith, Sabrina Claudio and Sam Smith. “All of them are really talented, hardworking and inspiring artists,” she says.

“Music is everything to me,” Roxen says. According to the singer herself, it’s the one thing that makes her extremely happy and brings her joy. Her main plans for the future are to “release new songs, work hard, write, compose.”

In addition, Roxen makes a little confession, letting me know that together with her team they have got “many surprises for the future” and all of us will find out about them “just in time.”

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

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