Updog: “I like to always reflect on myself.”

Updog‘s a rising star on the horizon and there’s quite an edgy aura around him. As it’s almost impossible to find any information of his personal life, it’s clear that there’s something interesting that balances the books.

“I like the idea of detaching myself from the project,” Updog says. The artist explains that in such manner he leaves enough room for interpretation, which is important for him. “Presenting myself too much gives people a different impression of what they should be hearing.”

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Updog then mentions that he’d like for everyone to respect his artwork because of “the musical integrity” instead of his connections and the things that he keeps behind closed doors.

And, in all honesty, Updog’s creativity deserves the praise as he manages to combine three different genres into one. “I just love blending some nostalgic pop-punk vocals with heavy electronic drops and some classic rock guitar riffs,” he tells me, describing his musical style as “rocktronic.”

Lucky enough, Updog consistently carries this sound through his sophomore EP balloon boy, opening it with spearhead–an energetic rock tune, which follows the fight between one’s inner angels and demons.

In tired of my life–another standout from the EP–Updog explores toxic relationships, but he keeps it all “metaphorical” as he, in fact, is neither tired of his life nor in an unhealthy relationship. “I’m just trying to capture the emotion and feeling of being trapped,” he explains. “Whether that’s with a person, a substance or with anything else.”

“I think I was just having a bad day,” Updog continues, talking me through of what was it like writing lyrics for tired of my life. “And me being a bit of a dramatic person, I managed to turn that emotion into something bigger and tap into a darker place in my mind.”

Updog concludes balloon boy by singing about his mistakes in dying breath. “I like to always reflect on myself,” he says. “I like to think I’m pretty self aware and I don’t trip too much over my ego.”

Updog admits that he’s “full of flaws” and he thinks that it’s the only way to evolve as a human being. “I like owning up to when I’ve made a mistake and I’m a firm believer that it’s never one sided.”

In short, Updog says that balloon boy explores “growing up, self-doubt, insecurities, personal demons, self-reflection.” He then adds that it’s his interpretation of “all the emotions one goes through in the process of becoming an adult.”

Updog finally shares that the follow-up EP is “already finished” and it’s “the next chapter” of balloon boy. The singer’s going to keep on exploring the “struggles of being an adult” and different experiences that come with it.

“I love building an experience for people, and I plan to continue to build on the Updog experience through more music,” Updog lastly tells me.

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