Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande Dance Away Their Troubles In ‘Rain On Me’ Music Video.

Cover Photo:
Lady Gaga’s ‘Rain On Me’ MV.

Lady Gaga’s ‘Rain On Me’ music video is finally here and it’s an exciting dance-off, inviting all of you to experience Chromatica once again.

Social media platforms exploded when the long-awaited Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande’s collaboration ‘Rain On Me’ dropped today. Now, it’s time for the world to dive into its music video and keep on exploring the unique universe of Chromatica.

‘Rain On Me’ is an upbeat tune about persevering through your difficulties and feeling empowered, so it’s only fair if the music video continues sending this message. In fact, Gaga doesn’t shy away from symbolism and presents you a visual story arc.

The former begins with Gaga lying on the ground, later getting stabbed by tons of swords falling from the sky; hence the reference of rain representing misery. Yet this doesn’t stop the singer, she stands up and starts dancing with one of the blades still stuck in her thigh.

Gaga lets everyone know that you can overcome any obstacles, even if they are still affecting you on the way of doing so. The fact that such strong female divas as Gaga and Grande get vulnerable–yet stay hopeful and positive–adds to the power that the dance-pop track ‘Rain On Me’ has.

Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande lift each other up instead of fighting against each other and trying to overshine one another, and that’s the best part. The artists elevate each other and add something to the song that’s uniquely their own, making it pleasant to listen to.

It seems as if everything in the music video was planned out thoroughly–from the energetic choreography and heroic costumes to the funky transitions between Gaga and Grande’s dimensions.

Though dancing on her own in the beginning, Gaga ends up joining forces with Grande, later sharing a heart-warming moment of holding hands together. Lucky enough, it doesn’t feel neither cliché nor cringeworthy; it’s rather the supreme segment, which leaves you longing for more.

The music video also looks like a nod to both Gaga’s Born This Way era and Grande’s ‘Break Free’ music video. It’s fun, it’s powerful and it’s most definitely something that only Gaga could pull off. Best of multiple worlds, isn’t it?

Lady Gaga’s sixth studio album Chromatica will be released on May 29th

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