Music Round-Up: The Post Nobles, Future Generations & More.

Cover Photo:
The Post Nobles.

This week was hot with new releases, but the scene in Brooklyn, New York blew up. From 80’s inspired synth-wave tracks to EDM made with pots and pans, we’ve got songs from every corner of the musical universe in this round-up.

I was highly anticipating a couple of these releases and was not disappointed when I finally got to hear them, and I hope you won’t be either. So sit back, put on some of these cool new tunes, and enjoy!

The Post Nobles—1989

Brooklyn-based band The Post Nobles dropped their new EP Time Motel on Friday and it’s full of songs I absolutely love. The first track on the record ‘1989’ is the apocalypse dance tune we didn’t know we needed during these bizarre and uncertain times. It’s an 80’s inspired synth-wave song that, without even trying, makes you feel like you’re dancing in a dark room with strobe lights and strangers. This song couldn’t have come at a better time. The subtleties of the song are what make it stand out among other dance tracks. The tambourine coming in to give more life to the dance break and the harmonies in the verses add an element of beauty to an otherwise dark melody.

I can honestly say I don’t know of any bands or any songs that sound like this. Listen to this song while you have a socially distanced dance party in your living room. 


Operahouse’s debut single is quite possibly the weirdest and best thing you’ll ever hear. The mind behind the EP describes the project as music, “lovingly made with friends for strangers.” I’m really excited to see what else is to come, but this song is incredible–think EDM made with objects found in your kitchen.

The vocals on the track are reversed, so while you can’t understand what is actually being said, they create an ethereal sound that contrasts the high energy instrumental. All of that, paired with a ravey bass drop, creates a dance banger like you’ve never heard before. 

Future Generations—Stay

The latest Future Generations release is yet another incredible early summer song. It’s a song about falling in love at its core. It’s about finally giving your all to someone when you didn’t think you could.

The lo-fi quality of the vocals feels really warm and the guitars throughout have a subtle surf rock energy reminiscent of Current Joys or Surf Curse that’s perfectly blended with the signature Future Generations sound. It’s the perfect song to listen to while lying on the beach or on a long drive.


Eliana is hitting us directly in our feelings with her latest release. It’s a song about being in a relationship that never really turns into a real one. It’s about harboring feelings for someone that are hard to confront. The spoken word at the end of the song is reminiscent of The Shangri Las and early Lana Del Rey.

Eliana’s vocals are soft and vulnerable, and the background vocals on the chorus add a level of intensity that contrasts the rest of the sound, but perfectly represents the feelings she’s describing. The electric guitars are great too. I would typically expect to hear an acoustic guitar on a song like this, but she embraces a darker, more grungy sound in the instrumental that I really can’t get enough of.

 Inner Wave—Schemin

I had never even heard of Inner Wave until this EP came out and I was not disappointed. ‘Schemin’ was a standout among the other tracks. Between the airy synth and funk bass and almost cake-esque vocals, this song is a unique compilation of elements we have heard before, composed in a way that is totally new.

I was playing this song while making breakfast the other day and I found myself dancing along. It’s impossible not to bob your head and tap your feet while listening to this tune. Give it a shot and while you’re at it, listen to the rest of the EP too.

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