Music Round-Up: Grace Carter, James Spaite & More.

Cover Photo:
James Spaite.

Summer’s finally here, that’s why the songs that are featured in this week’s round-up have got a recurring theme of sweet summer romance, long nights and exciting adventures.

Without further ado, let’s get into the post and celebrate all these creative and extremely talented artists.

Jackson Lee Morgan — lone star

Jackson Lee Morgan’s debut single ‘lone star’ could definitely be this year’s anthem for summer romance. It’s a sweet tune about finding that right person in your life and trying to spend all of your time with them, enjoying all the little things and exploring what’s in store for both of you.

It’s a slow-paced R&B track that lets you take a breath of fresh air and simply relax. It’s a great song to listen to when you’re drinking a cup of coffee or tea in the morning, feeling excited for the day ahead.

Grace Carter — Fired Up

London-based singer Grace Carter dives into her emotions in one of her most recent singles, ‘Fired Up.’ It’s another marvellous love song that takes you on a journey. The singer sings to her alleged lover, confessing her feelings and apologising for the hurt she might’ve caused. Carter’s vocals are truly beautiful and they add a lot of character to the song.

If you’re going to the beach anytime soon, make sure to put this song on and simply close your eyes once you’re there. Let the soft wind play with your hair and enjoy the experience this contemporary R&B track might bring you.

James Spaite ft. Roa Paselio — Mr. Coyote and the Terrible Things He Taught His Children

James Spaite pays homage to taking control of your destiny in his collaboration with Roa Paselio, ‘Mr. Coyote and the Terrible Things He Taught His Children.’ Spaite creates a beautiful scenery not only with his calming vocals but poetic lyrics, too. Vivid images and vulnerable concepts are consistently used throughout the California-based singer’s album, Riverside.

‘Mr. Coyote and the Terrible Things He Taught His Children’ is perfect for camping or simply sitting by a roaring fire, under the starry night sky. This song really does something to you, making you feel all sorts of emotions.

 metsä ft. Saint Claire — What You Want

Put your headphones on and get ready to have a blast with metsä and Saint Claire in their joint project, ‘What You Want.’ The production value of this track is so incredible that it almost feels other-worldly. If you listen carefully, you can hear so many different details that make up the song and it’s incredible. It’s also important to acknowledge Saint Claire’s vocals as they’re top-notch and bring the song to a whole new level.

In all, ‘What You Want’ is a feel-good banger. Just give it a listen and you’ll have an awesome time.

Jonny Glenn — Don’t Wanna Let You Down
Don't Wanna Let You Down by Jonny Glenn on Spotify

‘Don’t Wanna Let You Down’ by Jonny Glenn is the alt-pop track that’s already defined the sound of this summer for me. It’s got something completely unique to it, I can’t quite explain it. Glenn’s smooth vocals–in addition to the piano and electric guitar–make ‘Don’t Wanna Let You Down’ extremely pleasant to listen to.

This song’s got a great replay value–it could be played anywhere and anytime. It’s also got enjoyable lyrics and quite a dynamic structure in general, so don’t hesitate to check it out.

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