Music Round-Up: Video Age, Meek Mill & More.

Cover Photo:
Video Age by Sarah Wagner.

This week we have a bit of everything: from a synth-pop ballad to rap, new releases and songs that grew on me, and multi-talented artists all across the board.

I’m really excited about the round-up this week, so let’s get it started!

 Video Age — Pleasure Line
Pleasure Line, a song by Video Age on Spotify

I love Video Age. I discovered them a few months ago and their latest release ‘Pleasure Line’ blends all of the elements of synth-pop that I love, with 70’s inspired funk layers.

This song is a ballad that blurs the lines between sexy and sad. The guitar solo in the breakdown reminds me of the kind of music my dad listened to when I was a kid. It feels nostalgic and current all at the same time. 

Meek Mill — Otherside of America
Otherside Of America by Meek Mill on Spotify

This is a timely new release from Philadelphia native, Meek Mill. It is reflective of growing up in poverty and around violence.

As per usual, Meek attacks the verses perhaps even more aggressively than the hook. The intensity level is high, as it should be given the subject matter. Meek is telling us about the side of America that white privilege cannot see. 

Kota the Friend — Philly Jawn
Philly Jawn by Kota the Friend on Spotify

I would call Kota the Friend an indie rapper. His style is different. It combines elements of alternative/indie and bedroom pop with a truly unique flow. The drums in this song are really interesting as well, incorporating a lot of claps and visceral sort of sounds.

Lyrically, ‘Philly Jawn’ is a celebration of independent women who put themselves first and it is the anthem we all need. 

OUTTA MY MIND by Monsune on Spotify

This song isn’t new but it is so cool. If you haven’t heard it already, it’s time that you do. Monsune is a Canadian solo artist who has recently blown up in the indie scene, but you might have heard his beats on some rap songs and not even know it because he’s a producer, too.

This track just feels good. It is equal parts sexy and melodic. Give it a listen when you just need to vibe out. 

Jean Dawson — BRUISEBOY
BRUISEBOY by Jean Dawson on Spotify

I first heard ‘BRUISEBOY’ not too long ago and was immediately intrigued by the intro. The vocal effect instantly captures your attention, then the song abruptly shifts into an uptempo verse and then a rap moment.

This song incorporates so many different elements, which I would typically find annoying, but somehow Jean Dawson finds a way to make it work. Every time you listen to this song, you’ll hear something new, so start listening now. 

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