Music Round-Up: Disclosure, Soccer Mommy & More.

This week was hot with new releases, from an MGMT cover to a futuristic space jam, these new songs are on fire.

Featuring Glass Animals, Disclosure and more, this round-up will have all of your playlists sounding refreshed for the rest of the summer. Some of these songs are quickly becoming my absolute favorites, and I hope they’ll be yours, too.

 Glass Animals — Heat Waves
Heat Waves, a song by Glass Animals on Spotify

Heat Waves is the third single off of Glass Animals’ upcoming album, Dreamland, which is set to drop later this month. I am a massive Glass Animals fan, so, naturally, I have been highly anticipating this album.

‘Heat Waves’ is by far the best single they’ve released yet. I fully expect this to be the song of this summer. The chorus melody is so catchy that the first time you listen to it, it will be stuck in your head and you will be humming it all day, not to mention how incredible the production is.

This is probably the most pop forward song they have ever put out and I am not even remotely disappointed by that. Give it a listen and add it to your party playlist. 

Laiko, Silver Sphere — Waste Your Time
Waste Your Time, a song by Laiko, Silver Sphere on Spotify

‘Waste Your Time’ opens with big, buzzing synths and Laiko, singing in a way that is so stripped down that it feels extremely important. When the drums come in, you’re drawn further into the song and then it’s all taken away for Silver Sphere’s verse, which is just as beautiful as you would expect.

The real shining moment is when Laiko and Silver Sphere begin to sing together in the choruses. This song incorporates elements that remind me of Flume’s 2016 album, Skin, but the vocals and the effects used on them make it something completely unique. This is definitely a song to listen to while relaxing in your room at night or cuddling up with your significant other. 

Soccer Mommy — Indie Rokkers
Indie Rokkers, a song by Soccer Mommy on Spotify

‘Indie Rokkers’ is an angsty, indie bedroom pop cover of an American pop rock band, MGMT, original. I firmly believe that even if you are a hardcore MGMT fan, you will appreciate this cover. There is something about Soccer Mommy’s vocals that fits so perfectly with the melody of this song. She also made it sound so much darker than the original, which I tend to have an affinity for.

This is a song to listen to when you’re feeling a little angsty and rebellious. The guitar sounds are very reminiscent of Nirvana, but they’re used subtly enough that it doesn’t sound as though they’re trying to rip off the sound. The little guitar riff in the breakdown really feels like a reward for all of the emotion building throughout the song. Listen to this song when you’re feeling a little moody.  

Disclosure, Aminé, slowthai — My High (Edit)
My High - Single by Disclosure, Aminé, slowthai | Spotify

‘My High’ is the ultimate party song, where 90’s house music meets modern rap. It’s everything I would expect and more from a collaboration between these incredible artists.

I’m looking forward to when this song will be playing during the night of the next party I go to. The beat in this song literally makes your body move. It is almost involuntary.

Lyrically, ‘My High’ is repetitive, but it really doesn’t matter. This song is about having a good time and trying to make it even greater. I dare you to put this on in a room full of your friends and count how many people immediately start dancing when the beat drops. 

Grimes — My Name is Dark – Art Mix
My Name is Dark - Art Mix, a song by Grimes on Spotify

Grimes always does such a good job of blending real instruments with her signature futuristic sound. A friend of mine played this song in the car recently and I couldn’t help but get into it.

The vocals remind me a little bit of t.a.t.u., but if they went to space and began ruling an entire planet. Grimes’ music has the power to completely transport you to another dimension and that’s exactly what happens in this song.

I could understand how it wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but you have to at least give it a try. The electric guitars kind of float in the background of the entire song and keep it feeling really new and interesting. Ever since I heard it for the first time I’ve been obsessed. This song will make you feel invincible. 

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