Nicky Youre Talks His Debut Single, Teamwork and Relationships.

Hailing from Southern California, Nicky Youre is a new star on the horizon. Though he’s relatively new to the music industry, his clear vision of what he wants to do is definitely going to lead him right to success.

The 21-year-old singer’s already established himself as a creative with his debut single, ‘Sex and Lemonade’, which currently has over 50,000 streams on Spotify.

“It’s my first song that I’ve put out, so it was a brand new experience for me,” Nicky Youre admits right off the bat. He doesn’t shy away from the fact that he felt anxious while releasing his debut single.

Lucky enough, Nicky’s got a strong support network, which helped him persevere. “My friends and family have been very supportive of my song,” the Orange County-based singer continues. “I’m thankful to have them in my life.”

In fact, ‘Sex and Lemonade’ was produced by one of Nicky’s friends, LAIKI; the two of them have known each other for about seven years now. “We started our music careers at similar times, and we make a lot of music together,” Nicky Youre explains. Interestingly enough, he’s been featured on half of the tracks from LAIKI’s debut EP, Together / Separate.

“Working with another person has been relatively easy and fun,” Nicky later reveals about trying to find the common ground and work effectively in a team environment. “If you have a similar vision for the project, the whole experience usually flows well.”

Great teamwork is one of the reasons why Nicky’s ‘Sex and Lemonade’ is a sonically successful track. “The song is about not taking things too seriously,” the Californian singer delves into the details of his cheeky single. “It focuses on the early stages of a relationship and how it should be fun, exciting, and easy.” Nicky then mentions that his song is also a reminder to “take things one day at a time.”

“I live close to some beaches and I think that that has had an impact on the type of music I listen to and like,” Nicky Youre tells me about the way his surroundings have influenced him as a creative. “I’m really laid back and I like to have fun and I want to continue to portray that in my music.”

As for the future, Nicky’s currently working on new projects. “I want to put out another song this summer and then continue to release more songs throughout the rest of the year,” he says. “People can expect a lot more music from me in the future.”

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