Music Round-Up: Quarantine Bangers.

Cover Photo:
Doja Cat’s ‘Rules’ MV

This week, it’s time to change the round-up a bit. Though the world is slowly going back to the way it used to be, we’ve just spent months, trapped inside of our homes.

Personally, I was losing my mind while quarantined, but there were a couple of songs that kept my spirits up. These are the kind of songs that just hit you in the right place when you’re feeling stuck. I’m not quite sure how to explain what these songs have in common aside from that, but what I do know is that even on the worst days these songs kept me afloat.

Doja Cat — Rules
Rules, a song by Doja Cat on Spotify

I discovered this song on TikTok. It’s a sleeper off of Doja’s latest album, Hot Pink. ‘Rules’ contains that same iconic, bad-girl-living-her-best-life energy that she Doja has become known for, and it’s combined with clever lyricism as well as other viral qualities.

This song is a NSFW (i.e. Not Safe for Work) track, yet it’s most definitely safe for a solo dance party while you’re home alone. I very distinctly remember dancing to this song with no pants on, a slice of pizza in my hand and sunglasses on at 10 AM a few months ago, and I have to say that it was the best thing I could have possibly done with my time. 

Mike Posner — Song About You
Song About You, a song by Mike Posner on Spotify

You might know Mike Posner from his radio hits like ‘Cooler than Me’ and ‘I Took a Pill in Ibiza’, but ‘Song About You’ came off of his less well-known 2019 record, A Real Good Kid. I probably would have never heard or discovered this song if it hadn’t been for my roommate, who is a big post-pop Mike Posner fan.

‘Song About You’ is the ultimate break-up song. Though I did not go through a break-up recently, it still feels good to let out that kind of energy. Stylistically, this song veers away from the EDM forward releases Posner is known for, but just like all of his radio hits, ‘Song About You’ is a catchy tune that you won’t be able to get out of your head. 

Awolnation — Run
Run - Album by AWOLNATION | Spotify

I think I knew this song well before I knew that I knew this song. It has been featured in countless movies, TV shows, YouTube videos and other viral content, yet I indirectly discovered it while watching 6 Underground at 3 AM with my roommate. In the movie, What So Not’s remix of ‘Run’ is playing during — what I am going to call — a parkour scene.

I was super into the remix because it is, essentially, just a series of bass drops that make you want to destroy things, and I mean that in the best way possible; but then I listened to the original and the production and structure of the song are out of this world. ‘Run’ quickly became a staple of my quarantine life and I am so glad it did.

Moby — Honey
Honey, a song by Moby on Spotify

Moby’s ‘Honey’ is yet another song that I was reminded of while watching yet another movie during the quarantine. The iconic Disney classic, Holes (starring Shia Lebouf) featured the track in a dramatic shot of the boys walking in a desert. This song was perfect for that scene. I already knew the song but had essentially forgotten about it.

I really love Moby, and I have become convinced there is almost nothing he can do musically that I won’t like. This song just makes you feel good. It’s another dance party adjacent song. ‘Honey’ is the perfect song to lift your spirits and give you some energy when you’re feeling particularly sluggish. 

Silver Sphere — sucks 4 u
sucks 4 u - Single by Silver Sphere | Spotify

I’m not sorry for coming at you with another break-up anthem, but this one is too good not to talk about. ‘sucks 4 u’ is a song that never gets old for me. It has got all the qualities I love in a pop song — a catchy melody, relatable lyrics, and production that gets me excited.

This song was on repeat for me well before quarantine started, but it stayed at the top of my personal charts throughout the lockdown. I’m pretty sure my roommates must have gotten sick of me playing this on full volume at all hours of the day, but it just makes you want to keep listening even when it’s over. Play this song and belt it while you’re in the shower.

Pond — Paint Me Silver
Paint Me Silver, a song by Pond on Spotify

Pond is one of my favorite bands and ‘Paint Me Silver’ has got the most plays of any of their songs on Spotify, but, before quarantine, I did not give this song the love and attention it deserves. This track’s very different than everything else in this week’s round-up, but it has got an energy that is unmatched by most indie songs that I’ve heard come out in the past few years.

‘Paint Me Silver’ is the perfect thing to listen to while you’re just sitting on the couch and relaxing. There is a quality to the sonic landscape in this song that feels peaceful and exciting all at the same time. I probably listened to or heard this song playing at least once a day during all of lockdown in New York. I also want to make this your invitation to listen to the rest of Pond’s discography. You will not be disappointed.

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