Kristin Sesselja Unites Everyone Against Fuckboys.

Cover Photo:
Anna Mag.

Inspired by her personal experiences once again, Kristin Sesselja continues exploring the concept of heartache in her latest single.

Having written ‘FUCKBOYS’ back in October, the Icelandic singer and songwriter reveals that this song represents shifting from an abysmal and devastating period of time in one’s life to feeling “powerful” and “strong.”

This track is a power anthem indeed — Sesselja’s lyricism confronts everyone who has broken her heart in the past. The singer isn’t afraid of swearing and, thereby, playfully cusses all those fuckboys out in the end of the single. “Even though I swear a lot in real life I’ve always tried to keep it PG in my songs,” Sesselja says. “I think the reason I let myself say “fuck” was inspired by the music I was listening at the time.”

In fact, ‘FUCKBOYS’ was heavily inspired by Lily Allen’s hit song ‘Fuck You’ with a tint of Sesselja’s admiration for Julia Michaels and her “style of writing.”

While such a change in creative direction is fun and keeps things interesting, Sesselja doesn’t think that swearing is going to become a permanent part of her lyrics anytime soon.

“It doesn’t mean that I’m gonna be swearing left and right in my songs,” she admits. “It just means that if I want to say something in my songs, I’m not going to be held back by what is considered to be bad words.”

Kristin Sesselja also reveals that she’s got a big surprise for her audience. Directed by Erlendur Sveinsson, the official music video for ‘FUCKBOYS’ should be released within the next couple of weeks.

Though Sesselja herself can’t give out too many details as it’s her first proper music video ever, she still teases one thing: four male ballet dancers are to make an appearance in the clip, helping Sesselja convey the message of the song through visual storytelling.

And to everybody, currently dealing with the same type of fuckboys Sesselja has, the singer would like to tell you this: “It isn’t your fault when you’re treated badly.”

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