Alex Marko’s ‘Tranquility’ Review.

Cover Photo:
Alex Marko.

Velvet Bloom guitarist Alex Marko has released his debut EP Tranquility in collaboration with not-for-profit Flo Creative, with all proceeds going to Australian youth mental health charity headspace.

Tranquility EP Cover Art.

Against a constant backdrop of falling rain and chirruping birds, Marko has crafted five instrumental tracks to evoke a feeling of pure calmness.

1. Oliver’s Creek — 05:14
2. Waikiki — 04:27
3. From My Windowsill — 06:15
4. Memories — 02:42
5. Moonlight — 04:08

‘Waikiki’ uses tiki guitars and the sound of gently crashing waves to transport the listener straight to the beach – something I, a Brit stuck in the middle of a winter lockdown, really appreciated – while Marko’s guitar in the opening track ‘Oliver’s Creek’ flows as serenely as the babbling stream running through the background.

The guitar playing is understated throughout, used to ground the various sounds recorded from Marko’s surroundings in Victoria into a blissful soundscape. ‘From My Windowsill’, for instance, combines rain hammering on glass with an assortment of alien bleeping, but in Marko’s deft hands two sounds that should be unsettling combine into a beautiful six-minute track.

Really, my only complaint about this EP is that I wish it was longer; hopefully, we will soon be hearing more from Marko both as a solo artist and in his work with Velvet Bloom.

Tranquility was created as a response to the mental health difficulties triggered by Victoria’s Covid-19 lockdowns. It’s a fine medicine for the mind, inviting the listener into a world of blissful ambience, and should be recommended for all of us who just want 20 minutes away from the hellfire of this year. A lovely debut.

via Flo Creative Events

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