The Disappearing Wall Set to Conclude Its European Tour.

Cover Photo:
Felix Rettberg.

The coming months will see an art installation by the Goethe-Institut conclude its European tour.

The Disappearing Wall, currently in Belfast, will travel through Rotterdam, Namur, Madrid, Athens, Milan before its final stop in Barcelona.

The wall contains 6,000 wooden blocks, on a plexiglass frame, inscribed with a diverse range of quotes — from a lyric of a Beatles song to a classic quote from Aristotle.

The project was initiated when Maria Jablonina spoke out in a workshop by the architect Werner Sobek and was commissioned by the Goethe Institut.

“The interactive wall installation ‘Disappearing Wall’ combines quotes from European high and pop culture to demonstrate Europe’s diversity,” Goethe Institut stated. 

All visitors to the wall are invited to take a block home with them. Eventually, the wall will disappear. 

Edward McKenzie visited the wall in Belfast, he said he felt inspired by the project and he hopes it can spread positivity with the current pandemic ongoing. 

Belfast will be the only city in the UK and Ireland to host the installation. 


  • Until November 11th: Belfast, Northern Ireland.
  • November 5th to 8th: Namur, Belgium.
  • November 6th to 8th: Madrid, Spain.
  • November 7th to 8th: Athens, Greece.
  • November 11th to 15th: Milan, Italy.
  • November 14th: Barcelona, Spain.

via Goethe-Institut

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