Lillian Blue Makin Breaks Down Her New Single.

Cover Photo:
Lillian Blue Makin by nilly.

Canadian rapper and songwriter Lillian Blue Makin faces a tug-of-war of the mind in her latest single, ‘Golden Lies’.

Lillian Blue Makin

She’s there, writing music diligently for hours on end, and then something happens. There’s a break. A silence. A split from the idea. There’s that period where Lillian Blue Makin has to distance herself from the song she is working on.

While working on ‘Golden Lies’, there was a point in time when she didn’t write new lyrics for a week and a half. It wasn’t an easy fight but Makin pulled through, entering the battlefield of the mind.

Though it’s often a struggle to produce music during times like 2020, it wasn’t so bad for Lillian at first—she went into the studio with a demo ready for her co-producers Adam King and Miles Jones. She had an idea but needed something: a vibe to aim for; to decide what instruments she would eventually use. Once she started piecing those details together, her producers then worked hand in hand to help her execute her ideas. So, she thought everything through and ‘Golden Lies’ emerged.

However, when COVID19 numbers started increasing with death tolls rising rapidly, Makin had to take a break from her spending time in a studio space.

Makin has been doing music for a long time. She went from learning how to play the piano to playing the drums and, eventually, the guitar. It’s been a journey of self-exploration and opening herself up to the public.

Lillian Blue Makin, in fact, has a crafty way of working. She records voice memos, she records her singing, she records noises and sounds like birds chirping. She then takes these memos and saves them, later reflecting on them when she starts working on a new song.

“I had used a voice memo previously in the intro, bridge and outro of ‘Cover Under Comfort’ that worked so well,” Makin explains the creative process and material that helped produce ‘Golden Lies’. “I came across these bird sounds I had recorded at my cottage one early morning; I thought back to the peace and balance these sounds brought me in the moment and I knew I needed them in the track to present that groundedness,” Makin says. “The birds fit perfectly in time as if their conversations were part of the one I was having in my head within the track, this is why I love them so much, they feel as though they were meant to be there and they bring the whole atmosphere together without having to edit them at all.”

‘Golden Lies’ explores the themes of young love, personal evolution, and identity—it’s Lillian’s favorite song thus far. It tells the story of deliberation and not being able to face the truth, which sometimes holds much more weight than a lie. Working on this song was something special for Makin—from featuring drumbeats to having her girlfriend do the backup vocals. It’s an honest song, straight from Lillian Blue Makin’s life and she performs it beautifully. It’s very personal, very open and the beats are quite catchy. 

To Makin, it’s important to trust yourself no matter what. She advises everyone to be cautious of the treating and receiving of ideas among others in the industry and recommends studying your craft whatever it may be. She also emphasizes the importance of knowing  your “position” in the studio. 

Makin is certainly making a difference in the music industry. She’s very open about being a queer musician, she praises the importance of knowing your worth. “I am proud to be a queer artist and I will be coming out with a lot more queer-focused, and introspective music,” Makin reveals. “This is what I love to do and have loved my whole life so I am grateful to those who listen, allowing me to create more and live out my dreams.”

Lillian Blue Makin is big on finding the spaces where you feel comfortable in this world. To Makin, they are everything. Finding studio spaces where, as an artist, you are comfortable to produce your music, finding spaces and strength in your heart to trust yourself, finding spaces during rough times like COVID-19 to piece together your thoughts together, finding a way to separate those spaces from the people who try to take away your vision as an artist—spaces, once again, are everything. Learning how to find them, however, is a musician’s tug-of-war of the mind. How do you emerge victorious? Makin thinks it’s super important to believe in yourself—everything’s possible.

Makin’s ‘Cover Under Comfort’ has got nearly over a quarter of a million streams on Spotify alone. Now, she has released a song during the times when all odds are against musicians. Going back-and-forth between the studio and home, finding her viewpoint, and working for nearly two years on this song, ‘Golden Lies’ represents Making’s dedication and hard work. Check it out.

“COVID has been a crazy time for music, studios have been open and closed and it has delayed my project by a lot. It is not only hard to collaborate or get in the studio, but I’ve found that my motivation is super up and down some days,” Makin says. “I would just like to say how grateful I am to those that have taken a chance on my music, allowing themselves the opportunity to enjoy it. As well, I have a lot on the way, and can’t wait to share it!”


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