Kevin Hart’s ‘Zero F***s Given’ Review.

Cover Photo:
Zero F***s Given, Netflix.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.


Kevin Hart has undoubtedly made his mark on the comedy world with movies like Ride Along (2010), Get Hard (2014) and Central Intelligence (2016). In 2019, Hart released the stand-up special Irresponsible under Leslie Small’s direction and it scored multiple positive critic reviews. Now, Hart’s back with Zero F**cks Given, but how does that compare to Irresponsible? What’s different to even be intrigued by?

Taking a more warm and intimate approach to stand-up in his living room, Kevin Hart’s Zero F**ks Given is a must-see special. While this isn’t an Irresponsible-level of comedy, it does beat his Seriously Funny take. Filmed in his home, this stand-up special takes top-notch Kevin Hart comedy to a whole new level. There are only 12 members in the audience this time and they’re wearing masks that cover the laughter, which is portrayed through their eyes instead.

Behind every joke, there is a little bit of truth. There’s been a lot of discussion reflecting Hart’s homophobic tweets from 2009, which put him out of hosting the Oscars. From Hart’s perspective, he apologized again and again, stating that he had already addressed this controversy. In Zero F**ks Given, Hart tries to make light of the situation, but the reality of what he did still exists. However, his jokes portray him being extremely cautious in front of the audience so they don’t go tell on him—Kevin Hart jokes about having a filter. 

Aside from the jokes about fame, coronavirus pandemic, parties and life, Kevin Hart also talks about his family and kids. He discusses the things that are overlooked in the world. He brings up the fact that his kids are used to his celebrity status and get to avoid queues in amusement parks.

This at-home invasion into our lives, especially in a more intimate setting, makes this stand-up intriguing and interesting. Hart addressed this instantly by talking about COVID or, as he likes to call it, the VID. It’s these scary-to-enter-the-real-world but willing-to-joke comedic approaches that make him hilarious. What’s not to like about Hart’s approach in this stand-up special? He uses ridiculously big gestures, wide over-the-top expressions and anything but subtle changes in tone to engage with his audience. Hart presents a stand-up to pick at audience attention with hot topics from the media—he really nails that in this special.

Needless to say, this is one hilarious standup—it will have you laughing. If you’re looking for something to free your mind from a dark world by giving you ways to poke fun at it, then this stand-up might be just for you.

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