Music Round-Up: Bronze Avery, Jada Imani & More.

Cover Photo:
Bronze Avery by Justin Gilbert.

▌Jada Imani

Exciting new single "Divide" from Jada Imani

Elegant vocals with a smooth flow, ethereal soundscapes and catchy percussion instruments—Jada Imani offers all of it in her latest release, ‘Divide’. Influenced by jazz-funk legends Hiatus Kaiyote and Stevie Wonder, ‘Divide’ is one of the three songs off Imani’s latest EP, titled Jojoba. In fact, this record functions as the sophomore project of her 6-month extended play series, kickstarted with the release of Saline EP last month. Bay Area-raised Jada Imani reveals that ‘Divide’ was born out of conflict: “When I could not reconcile the social tensions in my life, I turned to making this song as a way to expel the stress from my body and give myself resolve.”

▌Lainey Dionne

In her brand new single, Rhode Island-born Lainey Dionne explores denial and the state in which her thoughts and feelings seem unreal. Dionne doesn’t feel right in her own skin—she’s lost. The dark pop ballad ‘Skin’ is, in fact, about the experiences of being in a toxic relationship. “You are hiding your depression and you don’t know how to get out of the relationship, it’s a cycle,” she explains. “You’re in denial about how deeply hurt you are.” Drawing inspirations from Lorde, Billie Eilish and Halsey, Lainey Dionne creates a beautiful sound of her own. Don’t miss out on it.

▌Bronze Avery
▌Miss Benny
Sea Salt

Bronze Avery – Sea Salt Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

‘Sea Salt’ is the ultimate melancholic folk-pop track, infused with captivating disco melodies. Los Angeles-based Bronze Avery invites Miss Benny to unite in narrating one of the most beautiful yet bittersweet stories of broken hearts, forgiveness and new beginnings—their voices merge with each other in ways that not every artist could pull off. Avery’s lyricism is as tender as ever and his candid portrayal of heartache shows levels of maturity that many have yet to reach. As of matter of fact, ‘Sea Salt’ is Bronze Avery’s first actual duet and it celebrates two incredible storytellers being able to speak their truth. Neither of the two tries to outshine one another and that’s what makes this track so beautiful.

Silver Lake

Silver Lake - Single by Binoy | Spotify

Close your eyes, relax your body and let Los Angeles musician Binoy ease your mind with his new synth-pop single, ‘Silver Lake’. It’s a delicate ballad with emotion-driven lyrics that explore a never-ending desire for romance. “It feels whimsical and full of escapism, like a painting on the wall slowly coming to life with its characters swaying into one another,” Binoy explains. “I live in a neighbourhood called Silver Lake, but the image I started with quickly turned into a metaphor for young and ephemeral love that seems only to exist in flashes.”

One Try One Nite

JenMarie on Spotify

Get ready to move your feet and groove to the afroswing beats of ‘One Try One Nite’. JenMarie knows her worth and she won’t let a man bring her down. The Tulsa-born artist reveals that this song is about “a woman who is letting a man know he only has one night to prove that she should give him any of her time.” JenMarie’s cheeky lyrics do exactly what they’re supposed to—empower and entertain the listener. ‘One Try One Nite’ is a feel-good track with memorable melodies and great vocal runs.

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