Homeschool Debut Their Indie Rock Banger.

Cover Photo:
Tom D’Agustino.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and see where Brooklyn-based music project Homeschool takes you with their debut single.

What does it take to be satisfied? Homeschool tackle this as their lyrics go “With a smile, you’re satisfied. … So satisfied.” But how satisfied are you

Homeschool formed during the quarantine. They have gone through a lot of change ever since and, funny enough, their debut song ‘Satisfied’ is actually about that kind of change.

Homeschool was born out of their members’ former band Active Bird Community—ABC for short—when the band decided to call it quits. After much crowdfunding, Tom D’Agustino and Zach Slater produced their debut song, entering a new musical era.

“On a basic level, ‘Satisfied’ uses simple metaphors to illustrate what processing trauma and change feels like,” says Homeschool’s D’Agustino. “Portioning and preparing the pain that follows you through life into something manageable, something you can ingest and hold and be okay with; all while dealing with the urge to run away, to deny your feelings and your personality. You’re never truly satisfied, but at least you’re moving forward honestly.”

Slowing down on the beat, D’Agustino and Slater take a new approach to their music as opposed to what they were doing with ABC. Their music sounds more gentle, natural and relaxed. ‘Satisfied’ is a song that you can listen to while you close your eyes to reflect on your life. The lyrics, however, are quite abstract—a bit sad but intriguing to listen to nonetheless. 

“I physically must make music no matter what,” D’Agustino continues. “I don’t really have a choice, it’s just who I am, and Homeschool is a thrilling next step for me and everyone involved.” Homeschool, in fact, represents a very different feel and approach to the band’s sound.

The music video is even more open-ended and provoking. There is a dresser in a workshop and various tools surround it. The dresser then opens by itself and introduces the audience to a change in the cinematic environment.

Once you get used to it, you find yourself in an entirely new setting in the video. This band finds a way to provoke and pick at the mind with the changes that take place in the video. It’s about adapting. You never really get used to the change but you learn to accept it. It’s got a bit of an Alice in Wonderland feel.

“I think once we came to that realization, we were really excited about what Homeschool could become. ‘Satisfied’ is the first little piece of this new process. I think it’s a perfect introduction to this new musical world because it’s pretty reminiscent of music we would make in high school, old ABC songs, but definitely has a newer flavor and is hopefully more nuanced,” D’Agustino says. “I’m excited to have more songs come out that continue to broaden the scope and deepen the tone of Homeschool.”

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