Marcus Skeen on TikTok, Making Music and Future Projects.

Many come to TikTok for comic relief. However, Knoxville-based singer, songwriter and a self-taught producer Marcus Skeen has found himself taking advantage of the video platform to put his multidimensional music-making talent to use.

Complementing some of the most popular songs of last year with his own verses, he’s on his way of making a name for himself.


disclaimer I’m poor but this was fun to write #fyp #music #rinasawayama

♬ original sound – Marcus Skeen

I’m running out of places to bop in #fyp #dojacat #music

♬ original sound – Marcus Skeen

Though his TikTok account has kicked off and is approved by Rina Sawayama herself, not enough people know about Skeen’s original music.

The 18-year-old artist released his debut EP Deprived last year. Consisting of six tracks in total, the self-produced record explores “sexuality, morality, detachment, truth, heartlessness,” and, quite obviously, deprivation.

“I feel like not a lot of people know I self-produce almost all of my tracks,” he admits. “I’m very fortunate to have a lot of free time in my life, so I’ll usually just sit in my little room studio for hours and brainstorm stuff until something really interests me.”

Skeen’s curious nature and love for experimentation have had a massive impact on his work. Inspired by SZA, Rina Sawayama, Frank Ocean and many other great artists, he reveals that he didn’t appreciate experimental music enough until he heard FKA Twigs’s latest record, MAGDALENE.

“I think music is one of the best arts to experiment and dip your fingers into multiple genres or sounds,” he later says. “I don’t think people should feel restricted to any singular genre.”

Last week, Skeen dropped the title track off his upcoming album. “It’s a very hyperbolized take on the idea that you can’t stop dwelling on something that has already happened and ended, so it’s almost like you’re reliving the relationship through everything you do,” he explains.

And, in fact, heartbreak is one of the occurring themes his new project will delve into. “Expect a quarantine love story gone horribly wrong,” Skeen says. “It’s gonna be a quite a story.”

Irrational album comes out January 29th 2021.

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