Jackson Lee Morgan on His New Single and Self-Awareness.

Texas-via-California singer-songwriter jackson lee morgan embraces personal growth and battles inner demons in a brand new single, ‘wayside’.

Music Video Edited by Abir Hashem.

‘wayside’ sounds completely different from what jackson has released so far—it’s dark yet extremely captivating.

“This song is about watching the world fall apart on your phone and feeling both connected and disconnected to the devolution happening around us,” he says. “Who are we? What do we want to become? ‘wayside’ is my attempt to answer those questions for myself.”

Written last year, when the world was spiralling down into the unknown, ‘wayside’ explores the darkness around us. “The track represents that creeping sense of angst,” jackson suggests. “The explosion at the end into the long outro is the emotional release I’ve been longing to feel at the end of this solitary time we’re living in.”

As much as it’s a form of catharsis, ‘wayside’ also demonstrates how far jackson lee morgan has come since the release of his debut single, ‘lone star’.

“Every song sounds different because every day I feel different, and I want my music to represent that,” he explains. “‘wayside’ feels like the anxiety-fueled sibling of ‘lone star’ to me.”

jackson lee morgan:
“I wrote this note in my iPhone on Feb 3 2021 after listening to the final mix of ‘wayside’: Yes I know my music is all over the place stylistically how can it not be (?) everything in our world is changing—embrace it!!”

“I think ‘wayside’ is the next piece in the sonic puzzle for my project,” jackson reveals.

He admits that he’s been conceptualizing a record of some sorts—be it an EP or, as he simply likes to call it, a “project.”

“I’m going to continue to drop singles off of it for a bit then put it all together visually and release it with unheard tracks,” jackson finally says, teasing a mysterious release date of “later” this year.

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