Sidney Bird’s Big Heart Review.

Following the success of previous tracks such as ‘Kisses’ and ‘Lover Boy’, Brooklyn singer-songwriter Sidney Bird has released her latest EP, titled Big Heart.

With over 500,000 streams on Spotify in total, Sidney’s success is likely to continue this momentum with her latest five-track record. 

With tracks like ‘Little Do They Know’, ‘Big Heart’, and ‘Darlin’’, it is no surprise that Sidney sings about love; however, not necessarily in the way that you might think of. 

This EP tells the story of a woman trying to find her way in the world, not caring what others think of her. We truly go on a journey with Sidney with these songs.

‘Little Do They Know’ is a raw and vulnerable track, explaining how life often feels like a lie because we pretend that we have it all sorted out when we really don’t. Sidney talks about the struggles of being financially unstable and having to ask for support from others, as well as how difficult it is when they assume her life is perfect. Little touches, such as the ambulance siren in the backing track, coupled with the emotional imagery Sidney sings about, is what makes this record feel very human.

The title track ‘Big Heart’ plunges us into what life is like for an empath with a heavy heart. With Sidney singing “I bleed deeper than most,” we take a glimpse into her raw emotions. It is as we arrive at the bridge of this song that Sidney describes her dream of a better life, where she is no longer “tortured” and her brain feels “just right.” The imagery surrounding her emotions torturing her has moved me—it really highlights the depth of the track’s lyricism.

As the EP progresses onto the other three tracks, we’re introduced to a more light-hearted sound. ‘Darlin’’ is where we start to see and feel what healthy love can be. As ‘Big Heart’ describes how Sidney must protect herself and her emotions from someone until they prove themselves to her, ‘Darlin’’ is the story of someone doing just this. It is the story of someone loving her wholly, including all of the messy and emotional parts. This track reminds me a lot of the likes of Mumford & Sons, Bastille or Taylor Swift.

My favourite track on the record, ‘Good’, is absolutely a feminist anthem. The whole song is centred around not needing to thrive off the attention of men; women are good enough and whole on their own. The key line of the song goes, “Boy, I’m good on my own.” And I want that to be put on a t-shirt, a poster and a mug. Please, Sidney!

Sidney Bird’s harmonious sound lends itself to the likes of Lorde, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez and you can listen on Spotify and YouTube.

Hannah Robinson is a student journalist studying in Sheffield; you can follow her on Twitter here or check out her website here.

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