Music Round-Up: Thomas Headon, Chloe x Halle & More.

Welcome back to this week’s music round-up, featuring artists from all across the world — Australia, the United Kingdom, Iceland, Norway and the US.

The past couple of weeks were full of great releases, so let’s dive right into today’s list that consists of many great musicians, such as Lil Halima, Kristin Sesselja, Luz and many more.

Lil Halima — Friends
Friends, a song by Lil Halima on Spotify

Lil Halima’s most recent track, ‘Friends’ is the best way to start off this week’s round-up. The Oslo-based singer sings about loving her personal space, yet longing for someone special to come and enjoy it with her.

Let it be known, ‘Friends’ is a complete banger. It’s got everything a great song needs to have: cheeky and playful lyrics, awesome vocals and fun instrumentals. I could easily imagine somebody rocking to this song while driving a car or simply relaxing at home. It’s a song that different types of people are able to enjoy and that’s the reason why it works so well.

Chloe x Halle — Forgive Me
Forgive Me, a song by Chloe x Halle on Spotify

Chloe and Halle Bailey — artistically known as simply Chloe x Halle — released their second studio album Ungodly Hour a couple of weeks ago and it’s an R&B masterpiece. Though it was a difficult task to pick one song only, ‘Forgive Me’ is arguably the biggest standout from the album. The song shows off both Chloe and Halle’s maturity and how much they’ve grown as artists.

‘Forgive Me’ perfectly sums up the album as a whole; it’s an empowering track, which explores the state of being unapologetic and simply moving forward from all the negative energy in life.

Kristin Sesselja — Secret
Secret by Kristin Sesselja on Spotify

Although it’s not the most recent release of this list, Kristin Sesselja’s ‘Secret’ is certainly a great addition to the round-up. It’s already begun to gain momentum on Spotify, reaching over 30 000 streams in the span of two weeks. In fact, it’s not that shocking when you take into consideration that ‘Secret’ is an awesome summer song about a discreet rendezvous of some sorts.

Sesselja’s already proven herself to be a great vocalist, so her vocal delivery doesn’t disappoint. Though ‘Secret’ sounds like a Taylor Swift song at first, Sesselja’s artistic style dominates the track, making it completely her own.

Luz — we’ll be fine
we'll be fine, a song by Luz on Spotify

Irish singer Luz is here to take on the world with her incredible artistry. Having released two singles this year already, the nineteen-year-old singer is definitely one of the biggest rising stars on the horizon. Luz’s most recent song, ‘we’ll be fine’ is a downtempo track, which assures its listener that everything’s going to be fine eventually.

Luz defines the power of vulnerability with her beautiful vocals and quite melancholic sounds of the piano. Interestingly enough, ‘we’ll be fine’ seems to be the follow-up for Luz’s debut single, ‘i’m lonely’ so make sure to give a listen to both of the tracks while you’re at it.

 Thomas Headon — Loving You
Loving You, a song by Thomas Headon on Spotify

Now, to end this week’s round-up with a bang, here’s a great tune by an Australian pop singer, Thomas Headon. ‘Loving You’ is a feel-good song that simply sets you in the best possible mood. Headon’s charming personality shines right through this song and it’s one of the best things about it.

‘Loving You’ has got that sweet retro aura and it certainly feels as if it’s taken from the soundtrack of a ’90s rom-com. Sonically, it’s a fun track that you can simply vibe with and enjoy.

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