LOUD HOUND: “Just keep creating, do it every day if you can.”

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Bob Sweeney.

You may have first heard of LOUD HOUND in one of Echowave magazine’s music round-ups, where we featured a single of his, ‘Melancholy Boy’.

Now, on the heels of yet another new song, ‘Keep Ya Head Up’, I had the chance to chat with the creative mind behind the music and talk inspiration, style and what’s next for him.

LOUD HOUND is the name of the indie-pop/rock project that New Jersey-native Tommy Florio has been working on for the past five years. Though Florio is usually a do-it-yourself kind of guy, doing most of the writing and recording in his home studio, he has recently been working with Brooklyn-based engineers at Red Convertible Recording.

From his surfy 2018 track ‘Fine by Me’ to his more alternative 2019 single ‘Voicemail’, we have seen Tommy Florio try out a variety of sounds and execute all of them beautifully. The singer describes his music as “alternative indie rock pop-ish,” but admits that his style is always changing.

His sound evolves in the way that his life experiences do — Florio is inspired by “reconnecting and revisiting past memories of people and places. . . or [his] current surroundings and environment.” His sound and life are interwoven and that comes out in the emotion of his music.

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One of Florio’s greatest talents is his ability to capture a feeling through music. In ‘Monday Morning’, he perfectly paints a picture with his lyrics and creates an ambience of nostalgic feeling in the instrumental and production. He knows how to tie our deepest understanding of emotion to sound. “I’m noticing more and more,” he says. “That the place that you’re in your life plays a huge role in the sound.”

“I know that might seem so obvious but environment plays a massive part; what you’ve been dealing with, anxieties over the future, missing something or someone from the past, or just desires and desires and desires,” Florio then explains. He is drawn to write out of a need to process his feelings and experiences, which, in turn, creates magic in his music.

I have long stated that I am the president of the LOUD HOUND fan club and a lot of that is because it is so easy to connect to his music. If you listen through his discography on Spotify, you will find more than one song that hits you exactly where you need it to. Florio combines a variety of genres and influences and blends the sonic landscape with lyrics that are both relatable and powerful, whether that be in a more positive or more emotional way. 

He is quickly releasing singles in the last few months and says that he has even more in the works. “It’s so top secret. . . but, honestly, I’ve been writing a lot lately. I’ve been very inspired,” he says. “I have a lot of things I’m working on and they’re still taking some time to come together but I’m really excited about all of it,” Florio apologizes for the vagueness of the statement but says there isn’t a lot he can reveal about it at the moment.

He does tell me that, despite historically releasing a lot of singles, there may be an album or an EP in the works. Judging from his latest three singles, I have got nothing but high hopes for what is to come.

This time has been particularly difficult for musicians and artists. “Just keep creating, do it every day if you can,” LOUD HOUND suggests. “You will love it and hate it and love it and hate it a million times over but, no matter what, if you love it and this thing is constantly pulling you toward it, then you have to do it at some level and degree.” His words of encouragement stuck with me — it is always important to do what you love.

“At the end of the day, it’s a journey and it will always be there for you, no matter how bad your life might seem,” Florio continues. “Just keep going, trust yourself, and be honest with your work — don’t be afraid to be yourself. . . fall in love with your craft and always stay curious.”

Keep an eye out for new releases from LOUD HOUND and give a listen to his latest single, ‘Keep Ya Head Up’. We, the team of Echowave, are excited to see what is in store and to hear the LOUD HOUND sound continue to surprise us, inspire us, and keep us going when times get tough.

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