Jackson Lee Morgan Gets Reflective in His Latest Single.

Cover Photo:
Bellamy Brewster.

Texas-via-California singer and songwriter jackson lee morgan has come back to “embrace the thrill” of not feeling alright in his latest single, ‘falling down’.

Inspired by a series of events from jackson lee morgan’s personal life, ‘falling down’ explores self-reflection and the idea of not being satisfied with where one’s life is headed to. “I was living a life so many people would love to have on paper,” jackson lee morgan opens up about his past right off the bat. “Making music, living in a picturesque city and having no commitments to anyone but myself.”

Yet it seems as if living this idealistic life wasn’t good enough — the singer later reveals that there’s more that balances the books. “I found myself going to parties with people I didn’t really know well, going out to bars and spending money I didn’t need to,” jackson lee morgan tells me. “And feeling empty the morning after.”

Luckily, the artist has managed to find his silver lining in life. “I’m a very introspective person and I tend to make problems bigger than they are in my mind,” Jackson tells me. “Connecting to other people to pull myself out of my own bubble is key.”

Although jackson lee morgan is still working on finding what makes him truly happy, he continues making progress and that’s worth celebrating. “Perspective is everything in life and falling down can feel like flying if you close your eyes,” he says. “Burning out can feel like shining.”

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house in the hills but i never feel home

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jackson lee morgan admits that hailing from Texas has got an influence on his lyricism; creatives like Willie Nelson and Blaze Foley have taught the singer about the importance of lyrical storytelling. “My mother has her car radio station permanently set to the country station in our town, so good songwriting is ingrained in me by now,” jackson lee morgan reveals.

And though Texas is still a huge part of Jackson with country music running in his veins, he eventually found himself moving to California, which has had an impact on his creativity just as much. “My journey has been an attempt to combine my early influences with my later influences, both as a musician and person,” the Texas native says. “I’m the product of every experience I’ve had in life and my creativity is combining my old self with my new self in a way that feels true.”

jackson lee morgan’s attempt to merge his past with his present self is indeed present in ‘falling down’ as Jackson reveals that the lyrical ‘you’ he’s singing to is constantly changing for him. “Some days I think I’m talking about the God image, some days I think I’m referencing a lover,” he says. “Perhaps it’s just a confession that I need someone, anyone, to make me feel better.”

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clean clothes dirty conscience

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In addition to ‘falling down’, jackson lee morgan has released two more singles, ‘lone star’ and ‘time to let go’. “All of my releases to date have their own world they live in and that’s something I plan on continuing,” the California-based artist tells me, hinting an upcoming project that he’s pretty excited about.

“All the music is done, but I’m taking my time crafting the narrative and the visuals,” Jackson says. “You can expect a few more single releases before the full project drops, but the project is on the near horizon!”

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