Sabrina Carpenter Joins Zara Larsson in Her Latest Music Video.

Cover Photo:
Zara Larsson’s ‘WOW’ Remix Music Video,
Sony Music Entertainment.

Zara Larsson and Sabrina Carpenter’s collaboration was first announced a couple of weeks ago and it has kept their fans on their toes ever since.

Both of the artists are currently on their way of becoming huge powerhouses in the music industry, which explains the excitement behind their project — a remix of Larsson’s single, titled ‘WOW’.

Remastered by American DJ and music producer Marshmello, the remix was released on September 25th and has gained over 2 million streams on Spotify since then.

Fortunately for the fans, featuring Carpenter on one of her singles wasn’t enough for neither Larsson nor her management — the official music video featuring both of the singers was released yesterday.

“I’m also so happy that Sabrina’s on it,” Larsson stated in a livestream about 15 minutes before the premiere. “She [Carpenter] looks gorgeous, she sounds amazing and I’m just so happy that she was excited to be a part of it.”

Due to the ongoing pandemic and travel restrictions, the music video was shot in two separate locations — Los Angeles and London. Though it’s mainly green screen, the final product is an aesthetically pleasing and intriguing experience that Zara Larsson and Sabrina Carpenter have worked hard and long for.

‘WOW’ Music Video is OUT NOW.

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