Velvet Bloom Share Visuals for Their Latest Single.

Melbourne-based neo-soul, alternative-pop and jazz-rock music project Velvet Bloom have released the music video for their latest single, ‘7Hundred25’.

Velvet Bloom’s founder and frontwoman Maddy Herbert welcomes their audience to experience tender moments of the project’s pre-covid live performance footage, combined with landscape visuals captured in the beautiful Morning Peninsula, Australia.

Created by Nathaniel Nagorcka Sewart, the music video feels nostalgic and soulful — just like it should. ‘7Hundred25’ is the definition of a sincere and heartfelt song; it takes the listener on an emotional journey and helps to self-reflect on past love affairs. It’s a song for those, who long for someone.

The single consists of 4 minutes of pure warmth, filled with lush melodies and silky smooth vocals, illustrating marvellous soundscapes. The released visuals continue portraying these elements successfully.

Sun-kissed flowers, bright pink skies, waves — ‘7Hundred25’ music video has got it all. Playing with double exposure, Velvet Bloom take their VHS camcorder-captured visuals to a whole new dimension.

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